These Things That Interest Me… Are Completely Absurd

This blog, as already mentioned elsewhere, is my tool for studying and discussing certain humanist ideas in order to bring myself to a point where I can defend or refute my position on certain topics. Now and in the future, I’m trying to be as objective,rational and logical as possible. Everything I’ll deal with here, will be dealt with with a skeptical eye (so climatologists please don’t get angry at me when I start on climate change). Skepticism in general seems to be a great tool to vet any idea.

With that said, this post is about two of my more abstract goals. I already maintain a blog about my life’s more practical short term/long term goals, but I felt a post like this belonged on this blog more than the others. The two goals I will start to discuss and form definitions here are:

1) to become completely faithless
2) to understand the human condition.

Both goals are unattainable, abstract messes, and both will need fleshing out, so let’s start now.

Being Faithless

This is not a goal that involves the belief in God specifically, as I mentioned before, most people in even the skeptical community (not necessarily the leaders and most popular bloggers/writers) have a lot of faith. Even Dawkins operates on a bit of faith, but it’s Dawkins’ convictions about God, that smallest sliver of faith, that I want to reach in all my studies and endeavors. Impossible right? Yeah, I know, but I’m mostly along for the ride anyway.

Working towards being faithless, means working towards comprehension and having an understanding that I’ve attained through my own reason and logic, to be challenged that reason and logic by others employing…their reason and logic! I’m not a big fan of just picking some source I like and sucking it down and making it my own opinion, I’ve caught myself doing that before, and I catch others doing it 99.9% of the the time. I however, prefer to work towards having no faith on any topic.

The Human Condition

This goal is perhaps more abstract than the previous, since what the “Human Condition” is, is in itself open for debate. I’ll start with a loose definition, that may be altered at some point, so how about:

the meaning of being a sentient creature in the universe we reside in.

You can see how this can shoot one way or the other, but this is why I maintain so many blogs (that I hope to be able to update often with content relevant to each blog soon), I am looking for that understanding of the human condition, first through myself and then through my relationships with others and thirdly through my education and reading. This one may be too abstract to be placed on a blog like this, but in general I plan to find out what the human condition is through, science, economics, the humanities (especially literature, language and philosophy), even to some extent religion. My main academic road will be exploring and discovering what the human condition is will come through my writing, through blogs like this, and through my own fiction.

My Weakness and Strength

My biggest strength is also my biggest weakness, it turns out I’m interested in everything. It pains me to say that I’ll have to pick one thing to try to become an expert in, and be an armchair expert in the others, but such is life in this culture, doesn’t mean I can’t try though right? Then to top it all off, I gotta deal with Absurdism..

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